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This exciting book by Tony Barrell – the first to tell the detailed story of the Beatles’ rooftop concert – is now published across the globe


My new book, The Beatles on the Roof, is the first book ever published about the Beatles’ rooftop concert. It’s out now in the UK, Australia, North America and Japan. UK readers can buy it at Amazon here.

This is a detailed look at the Fab Four’s iconic final gig. While ordinary folk went about their business on January 30, 1969, the Beatles risked frostbite and police handcuffs to bring their music to the masses in Savile Row. I’ve spoken to a host of people who were actually there that day – helping the band, enjoying the music, or attending the scene in Metropolitan Police uniforms. Many of them tell their stories for the first time, and I’ve unearthed other fascinating facts about that special moment in rock’n’roll history.

There’s plenty to enjoy in this detailed snapshot of the end of the Swinging Sixties

Even if you’re not a Beatles fan, people tell me that there’s plenty to enjoy in this detailed snapshot of the end of the Swinging Sixties.

I’ve been doing a clutch of radio interviews – in the UK, including Merseyside and Northern Ireland, and in Spain as well. And critics have been saying some nice things:

“An excellent account… The Beatles’ story has been told countless times, but Barrell’s account seems fresh and revealing… Mayfair is wonderfully depicted as an area under siege by rockers in the late ’60s” – Classic Rock magazine.

There are a lot of background stories and facts in here which I didn’t know

Here are some other reviews from readers:

“Really enjoyed the book; fantastic detail, a great story and really interesting to see the wider context through the many references to the world of entertainment, politics and current affairs.”

“I have been reading books and articles on the Beatles for fifty years now. This ranks in the top, in fact the toppermost of the poppermost! Very well researched and puts you there in the action. Don’t worry, just buy it.”

“I grew up with The Beatles and thought I knew everything about them, but there are a lot of background stories and facts in here which I didn’t know, leading up the the legendary gig on the roof.”

“This book tells the insiders’ story of that fateful day… a must have for your collection.”

“What makes the book extra-special is the way Barrell weaves in pieces of contemporary history to create an impressionistic backdrop to the main event.”

A well-written and thoroughly researched book. The Beatles On The Roof is a charming piece of literature with a lot of warmth and soul to it. Certain passages were really touching and Barrell’s enthusiasm for the subject matter is inspiring

Here’s a nice review of the book from the Norwegian rock webzine Eternal Terror:

“The brilliant thing about this well-written and thoroughly researched book by author Tony Barrell is that it examines and explores the rooftop performance in relation to the interpersonal relationships between the different members of the band as well as the staff and managers and so on. In that sense, Barrell’s piece focuses on so much more than just the actual performance and those who were there to witness it… ‘The Beatles on the Roof’ is a charming piece of literature with a lot of warmth and soul to it. There is a sense of longing to Barrell’s narrative in that he tells of magical and enchanting things from a bygone era that the rest of us can only dream about. Certain passages were really touching and his enthusiasm for the subject matter is inspiring. The way in which he evokes a sense of 60s London and touches on The Beatles’ relation to the great city is brilliant. A great book for all of those who are interested in The Beatles and the cultural impact of the rooftop concert.”

The Beatles on the Roof is out now in the UK, and available at Amazon here….

or at Waterstones here.

You can buy it from Amazon in Australia here, or at Angus & Robertson (Australia) here.

It’s officially out in North America and in Japan now too! Try an online bookstore or eBay.

Just follow those links to buy the book. Alternatively, you can order it any local British bookshop, or even at a supermarket or grocery store that stocks books. If they can’t get you a copy, ask me and I’ll find one for you.

You can read much more about the book here… and here. I hope you enjoy it.

© 2018 Tony Barrell



May 7, 2015

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About the Author

Tony Barrell is a pop historian, journalist, editor and Londoner who has spent much of his life interviewing musicians. He has written many major articles for The Sunday Times and other publications. His 2017 work The Beatles on the Roof is the first book to be published about the Fab Four’s famous 1969 rooftop concert.

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  1. Toby Atkinson

    A fantastic book! I can’t think why anyone hasn’t written a book about the rooftop gig before. Great job.

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